Automatic mechanical replica watches generally have a certain degree of shock resistance

Fully automatic mechanical replica watches generally have a certain degree of shock resistance, but if the impact is too large, such as vigorously swinging the wrist, the resulting impact will entangle the hairspring, causing the watch to become faster or even stop; greater impact will Let the watch hairspring jump out, the shock absorber falls off, and the speed needle is misaligned, which has a fatal effect on the speed control system. Frequent heavy shocks will reduce the efficiency of the watch winding, or even fail.


What is the error standard of the replica watch?


Due to the structural characteristics of the mainspring, the friction and fatigue between the materials and the rings, the change in output torque from strong to weak, and the friction generated by the mainspring and gears during the transmission torque, etc., will affect the accuracy of the replica watches. In addition, climate temperature, gravity, magnetic field, regional environment and location also affect the normal operation of the clockwork pendulum clock. Today's quartz watches overcome the weaknesses of mechanical watches and use the extremely stable high-frequency vibration of quartz crystals as a time benchmark. The daily error of the quartz watch is generally ±0.5s (excellent products), and the daily error of the mechanical watch is ±15s/d—±120s/d. The range of ±120s/d is even greater. Take some famous foreign brand replica watches as an example: imported jazz watches ( Its export standards are men’s watches -25~+29s/d, women’s watches -30~+120s/d, 4--5 types of replica watches such as Pronto, Nivada, Certina ), Enica (Enicar), Sandoz (Sandoz), Titus (Titus), etc. The general standard requirements for factories and sellers is that the difference between the week and the day is less than ±45s/d, and the 2~3 types of tables such as plum ( Titoni, Syma, Marvin, Heuer, etc. are less than +30s/d, high-end products such as Rolex, Omega, and Longines are less than ±15s/d, Imported Japanese watches, men's watches generally do not exceed ±50s/d, women's watches do not exceed ±60s/d. The above data is for reference only. If you are used to quartz watches, please don't be surprised by the high error of mechanical watches. You can’t have both hands. Many people’s mechanical complexes cannot be replaced by quartz watches. On the contrary, if you have high requirements for time accuracy, you can choose quartz watches.


What is the general life of a replica watch?


The service life of a replica watch cannot be expressed in exact numbers so far. Generally speaking, the service life of a watch is related to whether the wearer uses and maintains the replica watch correctly. For example, wearing a watch to take a bath, the appearance of the watch is dirty, the length of the replica Rolex watches band is not suitable, the use environment is bad, and the serious impact will make the watch easy to damage and shorten the service life. A good watch, if properly maintained, will still be shipped normally after decades.