Is the life of a quartz replica watch really shorter than a mechanical replica watch?

In our impression, many people think that the difference between a quartz replica watch and a mechanical watch is that the life of a quartz watch is much shorter than that of a mechanical watch. Although it is easy to use and accurate, it has no collection value.

Therefore, people tend to prefer mechanical watches for high-priced replica watches. So is the life of a quartz watch really shorter than that of a mechanical watch? How long is the life of a quartz watch?   Quartz watches are mainly composed of quartz vibrators, semiconductor integrated circuits, resistors, capacitors, stepping motors, batteries and conductive gears. Among them, the quartz vibrators will gradually age with the increase of years, and the daily error of aging quartz watches will become larger. In theory, the quartz oscillator will begin to age after ten years, but aging does not mean the end of the life of the quartz watch. The quartz watch will continue to operate, and the error of the quartz watch is still relative to the mechanical watch that has been running for the same period of time. It is much more accurate than mechanical watches within 1S.


 The life of other parts of the quartz watch is unlimited. If there is a problem with the part within ten years, it is purely a random failure and has nothing to do with the life of the quartz watch.    Let us understand the life of mechanical watches. It is generally believed that a good mechanical watch has a lifespan of about 20 years. Is this really the case?    Every two or three years, mechanical replica watches must be refueled to reduce the wear of internal parts of mechanical watches. Mechanical watches are not properly maintained and often need to be repaired and replaced.

In the 20 years of using a mechanical watch, it is often necessary to replace this part with that part. This is much more troublesome than that of a quartz watch (quartz watch is about two to three years to replace a battery). By the time 20 years, it is estimated that the parts will also be replaced. It's almost there.    During the operation of quartz watches, wear is relatively small and almost negligible, while mechanical watches are different. Therefore, the view that quartz watches have a relatively short life is actually incorrect.    Regardless of quartz or mechanical replica Breitling, it is important to pay attention to maintenance measures in order to better extend the service life, such as waterproofing, high temperature protection, keeping away from humidity and strong magnetic fields.